Fill up with plenty of fuel before travelling to the mountains. When driving up steep hills, fuel consumption increases dramatically, and petrol stations aren’t frequent in the mountains.


Before booking a car, make sure all your documents are not expired.

You can pick up and drop off your rental car in the city or at the airport. A rental agent will meet you at the appointed time and take care of all the paperwork.

A convertible is perfect for driving on beautiful roads between the ocean and the mountain peaks. Your pictures will be stunning; that’s why so many car brands shoot their ads here. Just remember that a convertible is a car for two. It’s very windy at the rear seats.


A minivan is perfect for a large family or group of people with similar interests. It is strongly recommended that you plan your trips well in advance. It may be more convenient to rent two cars.

To choose the most suitable car for your journey, you need to plan your trip roughly first. 


For trip around the city, choose a compact or a mid-size car. This will make parking easier.


On mountain roads, it's better to have a powerful engine with a capacity of 1.6 litres or more that can handle a steep climb and air conditioning at the same time. A manual transmission is also highly recommended.

The right way to pick up a car:


  • Inspect the car carefully and mark any scratches on a special chart.
  • Take detailed photos or videos of the car from all sides.
  • Read and sign the rental agreement.
  • Check with your rental agent at once if you don't understand something.
  • Pay the remaining amount of the order price and the deposit.

This procedure usually takes less than 20 minutes.


The drop-off is even easier and quicker:


  • You arrive at the meeting point on time; the car must be clean and filled to the level it had when you picked up the car.
  • The rental agent collects the keys, inspects the car, and signs your copy of the drop-off report.

It all takes about 10 minutes.

The minimum driver’s age is 24 years, the minimum driving experience is 2 years.


If you are booking a car for two drivers, the same experience and age requirements apply to the second driver. The second driver's driving licence and passport or ID will also be required for the paperwork.

Why it is better to rent a car online?

Required documents:


  • ID or passport.
  • Driving license.
  • Bank card.

A hire car is the best and the most cost-efficient way to see everything you have planned.

The right way to choose a car

To pick up a car, you need to bring your voucher (you can have it on your phone), your driving licence, and your passport.

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rent a car

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You don't lose your time going from company to company to rent a car. You can spend that time lying on the beach, sightseeing, shopping or just walking and visiting places of interest with your dear one.

More comfortable

Having your voucher on hand, you are entirely sure that you will have your vehicle and you know the rental cost. Then it's easier to plan the rest of your travel expenses.

More reliable

Online car booking is cheaper because you take your time to compare prices and choose the optimal comfort for the money.

More cost-efficient

In large corporations, deposits can reach up to several thousand euros, blocked on the customer's card after collecting the car. Our average deposit is €300 and we have many car rental companies that do not require deposits at all.

Low deposits

We assess the damage in the customer's presence. Our prices are 2-3 times lower than in international car rental companies. We also never attempt to charge our customers fees when they return their car.

Reliable damage assessment

We never hide our prices and conditions. No hidden fees or taxes. You can see the exact price, which will not change, in the booking process.

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